Bootcamp is an outdoor group exercise session designed to give you a complete body workout.

Every session is professionally structured to keep you motivated and focused but all will get you fit, toned, strong and burn some serious calories ideal for losing weight and completely changing your bodys shape.

Bootcamps are made up with people of all ages and abilities in a friendly and positive environment.

Case Study

"I've been coming to MooreFitness bootcamps for about 5 years now and love it! My fitness and confidence has grown but what has also been amazing are the new friends that I've made. We're all in this together and the sense of community has been a real motivator. Colin is just fantastic and hugely experienced. I'd recommend to anyone!" 
Sam, Bromley.


Bootcamps are a great, low cost, effective way of acheiving some serious results. They are run throughout the week and weekends.

Sessions are priced at just £8


07923 636456


Bootcamps are located in the Sidcup area, the exact location changes to keep our sessions varied and challenging.

Contact me to find out more.