Runfit is our group running sessions which currently goes out twice per week. Running is a fantastic way of burning escess calories whislt improving your cardiovascular and your mental health. 

Each session has a change of location around the Sidcup area and route to keep things varied and fresh. 

It is designed to cater for a mix of abilities so whether you are running for the first time or an experienced runner this perfect. Routes are planned so there are options for shorter and longer runs all starting and finishing at the same point.

Check out the group exercise timetable at the bottom of each page.

Case Study

After years of poor diet and little exercise, Ben got in contact with me about personal training. With a full time job and two young children he was finding it hard to get motivated into making the right changes.

After the 2 month training programme which included 2 PT sessions + 1 bootcamp a week, Ben lost over a stone and more importantly felt fitter and healthier.

"I've never really been in shape and wasn't sure if I had it in me to loose the weight and get fitter. Col was absolutely brilliant and I actually enjoyed the session. I've put in place good habits and now have the drive to keep this going. Since, I've gone on to do the Tough Mudder, Wolf Run and my first 10km race - something I didn't think I'd be able to do!" 
Ben, Sidcup.



Individual sessions £7

OFFER 4 RunFit sessions for £20 
Offer only available as pre-pay. 4 sessions to be used within 30 days.


07923 636456


Bootcamps are located in the Sidcup area, the exact location changes to keep our sessions varied and challenging.

Contact me to find out more.